Bringing Theory to Practice: Predictability and Performance in Embedded Systems

General information

The PPES workshop is concerned with critical hard real-time systems that have to satisfy both efficiency and predictability requirements. For example, an electronic controller for a safety-critical system in an automobile needs to react not only correctly to external inputs such as rapid deceleration or loss of grip, but also provably within a given time-span. Although there exist techniques to accurately predict the worst-case execution time of critical embedded systems for complex microprocessors, the current approaches will not scale to future systems. The trend of integrating multiple functions on a single control unit or to use multi-core systems with shared resources saves costs, but introduces lots of interferences between tasks and components.

A unified approach which focuses on performance and predictability of Embedded Systems is needed to permit analysability of future systems. The workshop will discuss approaches to achieve improvements of worst-case predictability and of average-case performance on all system layers, including hardware architecture, operating systems, code generation, software architecture and program analysis. It will also discuss the problems arising in industrial practice in trying to achieve one or both of these goals and address proposed tools or standardisation efforts.


The workshop is co-located with the Conference on Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE), which takes place in the French city of Grenoble during the week of 2011-03-14–18.

Special sessions

The workshop program features an invited presentation by Ottmar Bender (Cassidian Electronics) on Predictability and Performance Requirements in Avionics Systems.

Furthermore, a panel discussion contrasts the industrial needs and challenges for predictability in practice with the academical ideas to tackle these challenges.


Friday, 2011-03-18:


The papers are published in the OASIcs series of Dagstuhl publishing. They can be downloaded from the proceedings website.



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